4 Microbusinesses For Small Budgets

You don't always need a lot of money to start a business. This is especially true if you want to start a business on a very small scale, which is sometimes referred to as a microbusiness. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the average startup costs for a microbusiness is just $3,000. If you don't have this money, there are a variety of business loans available to help get you started.

So, now that you have your funding figured out, what kind of business should you start? Here are four microbusinesses that are perfect for small budgets.

1. Online Freelance Writer

If you like to write, and you're good at it, then you're in luck. In this digital age, businesses around the globe are in need of fresh content for their websites. All you need to become an online freelance writer is a computer and access to the internet. You may also want to set up your own website to market your services. One advantage of becoming an online freelance writer is that you can work from virtually anywhere.

2. Jewelry Maker

People love custom-made jewelry. Not only is it unique, but it's also a great way to get hard-to-find earrings to accessorize a favorite dress. If friends and family members have complimented you on your handmade jewelry, why not turn it into a business? It's never been easier to sell homemade jewelry, thanks to a variety of e-commerce websites that lets you sell your own creations.

3. Pet Sitter

Do you enjoy being around cats, dogs, and other animals that people keep as pets? People who work all day or who travel often are always in need of someone to look after their pets. Not only will you get to play with all kinds of domestic animals, you'll make some great furry friends as well.

If you take dogs for walks as part of your business, you'll also get plenty of exercise. Besides offering pet sitting and dog walking, you could even add aquarium cleaning and pet grooming to your list of services.

4. Cleaning Services

Not everyone loves to clean, but if you do, having your own cleaning service is a microbusiness that provides flexibility and a chance to have a growing business. Another advantage of having your own cleaning business is that it doesn't require you to have a lot of experience.

Since homes and business are always in need of dependable cleaning services, this is a great option for a microbusiness.