Don't Limit Your Revenue Stream: How To Cash Business Checks When You Don't Have A Commercial Account

If you run a small business, you need a reliable way to accept payments. Most people use cash and debit cards these days. But there are still people who choose to use personal checks. If you don't take checks as payment for your small business, it's time to start. Accepting checks is a good way to increase your revenue stream. Not sure how to cash checks made out to your small business? Here are four tips to make it easier to accept business checks. 

Open a Business Account

If you haven't opened a commercial bank account for your small business, it's time to take care of that. It's not a good idea to run your small business through your personal bank account. Not only does it link your personal records to your business records, but it also limits your access to financial opportunities. One of those opportunities is an easy way to cash your commercial checks. Another opportunity is the availability of small business loans and lines of credit. 

Visit the Issuing Bank

If you've received a check for services you've provided through your small business and you don't have a commercial bank account, visit the issuing bank. You can go to the bank that the check was issued through. In most cases, you won't need to pay for this service, but you will need to provide proof of identification. If the check isn't drawn on a local bank, or if there are no branches for that bank in your area, you'll need to choose another option. 

Use a Check Cashing Center

When it comes to cashing your small business checks, you might not think about retail stores. But they're actually a good option when you don't have a business account. You will need to have proof of identification, as well as proof that you're the owner of the small business. It's also important to note that retail stores and check cashing services will require a fee. Depending on the service, the fees can be quite steep. 

Choose Prepaid Debit Card Transfers

If you don't have a commercial bank account, you can invest in a prepaid debit card for your business. Once you have that, you can transfer your business checks directly to your business debit card. This is usually a free service, and it will provide you easy access to your funds. 

Don't miss out on a valuable revenue stream. Use the tips provided here to cash your business checks. Contact a company that offers commercial check cashing services to learn more.