4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Diamond Ring To Surprise Your Loved One With

Whether for an anniversary, a birthday, or just to show your appreciation to her, choosing a diamond ring to surprise your loved one with should involve more than just carat size and price. There are several things that should be considered to ensure that your purchase is one you won't regret as time goes on. Here are a few important factors to think about when choosing that perfect diamond ring to buy the woman in your life:

Do Bail Bonds Expire? What You Need To Know

If you have never gotten a bail bond before and you are planning to get one for yourself or a loved one, you may have a lot of questions. In particular, you may be wondering if bail bonds expire. Here's what you need to consider about bail bond expiration dates: 1. Exoneration A bail bond allows you to leave jail after being arrested so that you can go home and prepare for your trial.

Just Had Your First Child? Do You Need To See A Financial Planner?

If you've recently welcomed your first child to the world, your life may now be overwhelmed with the many needs of an infant -- from round-the-clock feedings to frequent diaper changes or even long rides in the car to soothe a cranky newborn. Read on to learn more about some of the financial arrangements you may need to make now that you're a parent, as well as how to find an adviser who can help you and your partner come to decisions without being pushy or trying to sell high-fee products.

Four Rare United States Coins You Might Dream About Having In Your Collection

Face it, coin collecting is fun and can become addicting. It may start with just a casual look at your pocket change where you see something unusual, perhaps a steel penny or well-worn coin. "What is that?" you wonder. Perhaps you hit the internet to see if you can match up your newly found treasure. Then again, you may just take it to a coin grading service. Why not look here if you are interested?

Can't Afford Your Mortgage, or Just Dying to Move? What Are Your Options?

If you've recently gone through layoffs at work, have recently inherited a relative's land contract, or find yourself in another housing situation that doesn't lend itself well to a traditional real-estate sale, you may be wondering whether you'll be stuck with this property forever—or worse, fall behind on any mortgage or contract payments and go through the foreclosure process. Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of your outstanding mortgage (and home) and start over free and clear.